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My Subaru Camper Build

Engine Mods

The engine is all stock but I've upgraded the radiator to a thicker all aluminum radiator and added an external transmission cooler. 


*Trans Cooler


The suspension has a 2" streetrays spacer lift, and whiteline rear adjustable camber bushings. 

*Spacer Lift

*Camber Bushings

Wheels / Tires

The wheels are stock wheels, painted with gloss black appliance epoxy (very hard finish), they have 1" wheel spacers. For tires I'm running a taller 215/70/16 Cooper Discoverer AT3 4s. This required removing the plastic fender liner, and folding in the fender seam for clearance. 

*Appliance Epoxy

*Wheel Spacers



For added lighting, I've added a set of amber Hella 500 driving lights and I used the Hella wiring Harness and plastic covers. I've also added a small 12" LED light bar for just a bit extra. If you had to take one or the other, I'd highly recommend the amber Hella 500's, they've saved my butt in some nasty fog and snow. The lights are mounted to a custom mount thats super easy to make if you have access to a welder. You can watch a video on the bar here. I've also tinted the factory fog lights amber to match the Hella lights, but that was purely for aesthetics

*Amber Hella 500 Driving Light

*Hella Wiring Harnes

*Hella 500 Protective Grille

*12" Light Bar

*Fog Light Tint

Roof Rack & Accessories 

I'm using a 64" roof basket from the brand "Leader", it's a more affordable rack but so far it has held up respectably. I carry a full size spare tire in the basket, as well as two Rotopax 3 gal fuel cans with lockable mounts. 

*Roof Basket

*Rotopax Cans

*Locking Mounts

Dual Battery System

For my auxiliary battery I'm using a 92AH Duracell deep cycle AGM battery.

To isolate the battery and control the charge I'm using a CTekD250sa DC to DC charger, for more info see my write up hereTo power my laptop, and battery chargers I'm using a small 500w power inverter. 


*Ctek D250sa




I've removed all the passenger seats from the car. In the front I made a storage box, that holds some camping gear, and my camera equipment. I made a simple sleeping platform that just fills the area where the rear seats were. I didnt build it out to the back cause I didnt want to loose headroom. 

Im able to keep things in the rear footwell now, and I tuck my sleeping bag under the platform. In the rear cargo area I'm using a small cargo net folded in half and hung vertically on one side of the car to hold my camp chair, sleeping pad, stove and water container. I've also used some 1/16" steel rod and conduit clips to make a simple curtain rod, and hung some thermal blackout curtains in the side windows for extra temperature protection and privacy. My windows are also tinted with ceramic 15% tint. 



I made these simple and cheap screened window vents, and coupled with a rechargeable USB fan, I have almost no condensation issues. 

*USB Rechargeable Fan


Water Pump/Shower & Storage

For storing water, I use a small 1.5 gal water jug. I would like a larger one, but space is an issue in the car. I've also installed a small 12v water pump with a quick detach hose/sprayer. I can use it for dishes or a quick shower on longer camping trips. Build quality is so-so but it seems to work well. 

*Water Pump/Sprayer

Here's a Walk Through Video!


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