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Chevy G20 Camper Van Build





Durabak smooth bedliner (amazon) coating on the hightop roof. Protects from weather, aging and physical damage from trees etc (this thing is 9.5ft tall and it will be getting taller!) 

Future Plans will be a lift an taller tires, off road lights, fuel can holders and a full bedliner paint job. 


So far I have done some basic mods to make in more comfortable inside. 

I made these simple curtains and rods for added privacy. 

I tinted the windows with this vinyl cling window tint for $20 on amazon. Tricky to install neatly but can't complain for the price. 

I made some insulated roof panels out of foam board insulation and wrapped them in fleece. It's added insulation and a headliner all in one. 

I moved the bed to the back of the van to open up more "living" space. I do have to lay diagonally but that fine by me. 

An old oak filing cabinet I got for free serves as my kitchen/storage/work surface. 

I replaced my old tired captains chairs with some middle row seats out of a Mazda5 mini-van. This took quite a bit of cutting and welding to make them fit nicely but it was well worth it. 


The interior will be getting a full overhaul soon. 


I'm using the same system I had in my Subaru Camper. Which is the awesome Ctek D250sa dc-dc charger and a duracell deep cycle agm battery. 

I do plan on finally adding a solar panel into the system which the Ctek can accommodate. 

I've also installed a simple shore power setup using this Noco AC Port (amazon) plug and a power strip. See more details about that setup here

For lights I installed this LED dome light (amazon) to serve as a utility light over my workspace. And some warm colored LED string lights for a les harsh source of lighting. 

In the future I will be adding more battery power so that I can run a fridge and I will install a Noco On board battery charger so I can keep my batteries topped off when I'm plugged into shore power. 


I did install a Happybuy 5kw all-in-one diesel heater. But I don't recommend the all-in-one unit for a van. The exhaust port sits inside the van and if it leaks it will fill the van with diesel smoke. I had to modify it completely to make the exhausts sit outside the van and at the end of the day I believe you would be better off with the heater that comes in individual pieces. I am pretty happy with the Happybuy heater itself though. 



For cooking I'm still using my Sterno butane single burner stove. It's been fantastic for me so far and don't see any reason to change right now. 

For my morning coffee I'm using the awesome $20 Stanley Boil and Brew french press. Full review here


I still do the bathroom the classic camp way. Outside...


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